50 best websites of 2010

I found this article today that provides you an extensive and useful list of the 50 best websites of the year 2010.

I haven’t heard of some of the websites but I sure will check them out. They all look very interesting.

This list might be useful for you. Check it out here:



Design + function

I found these two articles on design that functions as well as they look:



The first picture is in Spain. Those umbrellas don’t only brighten up the city with their colors but they also give you shades under which you can hide from the sun.

The second picture is from Japan. The shop is like an art gallery as well as a clothing store.

Diesel event

Here’s an extension of Diesel campaign “Be Stupid”.

The campaign itself has gained a lot of criticism everywhere. But this social event is at least one thing they are doing right.

Personally, I can see the point they are trying to make with the “Be Stupid” campaign. Some of the adverts are actually pretty encouraging and make me want to get daring enough to do what I want to do. I mean, we don’t really have to follow it word for word, like flashing to a security camera for example.

I also like the humor and the art direction is great as well. It features a lot of great photographers, like Melodie McDaniel and Kristin Vicari.

Smile, London!

Some people are putting an extra effort into making others happier. Or just to make their city look a little less gloomy.

I actually have been to London so I have the right to say this: London is the most boring city I have never been to. There is no excitement. And there is no life. It’s just a city to visit when you have some business to get done there. The only places people go to are the tourist attractions. Which look exactly the same as all the photos you can find on Google.

So this project is probably a good idea.

I would totally make me smile.

Visit here to see other images: http://designtaxi.com/news/32733/Putting-a-Smile-on-London-s-Face/

I hope they’ll do the same in Newcastle. That’d be so awesome.

US Dollar redesigned

This is a part of The Dollar ReDe$ign Project by design studio Dowling Duncan.

Please follow this link to see all the images up close: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1SPyLu/designtaxi.com/news/32749/Design-Studio-Rebrands-US-Dollar-for-Contest//r:t

These designs look pretty cool to me. Plus, it has these facts to educate people about the United States.

And by the way, I kind of agree that we handle our money vertically. I just never really noticed it. And I wonder why it was made horizontally in the first place.